UpTop Overland Bed & Roof Rack Install and Pictures

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One of the first mods I knew I needed to do on the Tacoma when I first purchased it was get a good Bed and Roof Rack. I searched long and hard on the world wide web for different makes and models and while everyone seemed to go with Prinsu, Cali or Victory4x4 I went a far better route imo. That being UpTop Overland. Turn around time to fulfill my entire order was about 25 business days and those overlapped some holidays. Once I received everything I needed Install for both took may about 4 hours total give or take. I’ll run down the process as briefly as possible as there are plenty of youtube videos on their installs on youtube.

Bed Rack Install

Everything is pretty much included in the kit except for some blue threadlocker.

These are the parts pretty much laid out. Everything was wrapped and packaged nicely.
All the hardware was separated and labeled accordingly.

The First step was to bolt the side plates to the 3 trusses on each side. This step was pretty self explanatory and the holes are already lined up for you:

Once you have the trusses and the side plates bolted together you can prep the accessory rail on the tacoma bed. To do this just remove the plastic end cap on the accessory rail and slide in the mounting plate. as shown below:

You just push more or less where my thumb is and slide back.
Installation plate. There will be 3 of these on each side of the bed.
The hardware will come with some of these plates. The different holes are dependent on what Gen Tacoma you have and or if you have a Tundra.

Once you have the Trusses bolted to the side rail, you want to make sure you don’t tighten them up all the way. You need to have some give for when you install the load bars.

Key step: You want to make sure you put the lock washer and washer. There is a youtube video out where they misspoke and mentioned not needing a lock washer. you absolutely need it. It comes with the kit now.

Once you have the load bars in place and all the Bolts started, you also don’t want to tighten these all the way. You need to now tighten the TRUSSES to the Accessory rail first. Then you go back and tighten up the Load bars. And that is all there is to it.

Additional Pictures of the Bed Rack with my RotoPax mounted.

My 2 rotopax installed in the interlocking configuration.
Here you can see from the inside. how the rotopax mounts are bolted on.

Roof Rack Install

The Roof Rack is another great product by UpTop Overland. I ended up going with the UpTop BRAVO roof rack. I love this thing. Like the bed rack its all aluminum and light. Once its all pieced together it is very strong.

Side Profile of Roof Rack

Parts Needed, not included:

In order to mount the roof rack to the mounting points under the factory rubber gutter you need to punch a hole through the rubber. To do this the easiest way is to use a 3/4″ hole punch found HERE. This will make the job 10x easier. You also need silicone to apply around the mounting holes. I used this one by Gorilla found here.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I’m just going to post a good video tutorial that Micah does on setting up and installing the Bravo Roof Rack:

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