Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Performance Air Intake System

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First and foremost I want to give a shout out to Rob and his youtube channel Robmotive for offering this CAI in a giveaway. I had the pleasure of being the lucky winner for this giveaway. If you have a chance please follow his youtube channel as well as my youtube channel OverlandZ.


This system includes a custom high-volume upper air box, custom intake tubing and an oiled cotton TRD air filter. Designed to provide measurable increases in power. Designed to work in Harmony with Toyotas engine air flow Sensor and engine management system. engine noise tuned with a resonance chamber for a powerful throaty sound.

Differences and Benefits

  1. One of the Key differences and benefits just by comparing the two side by side is the TRD Performance Intake is a more Straight through design. You will notice this once installed how much more straight the air flow is. You can also see that the TRD has a smaller Resonator box compared to the original. Its hard to tell in the pic, but the top Air Box cover is also deeper. All in all the TRD Performance Intake provides more air and in a straighter path to the intake.

2. One of the big differences is actually on where the air is drawn from. Toyota calls this part the Intake Flow Accelerator. While both Air Intakes draw air from behind the fender, the TRD is completely round and provides and actual seal around the whole that goes to the fender. It’s even quite a bit larger in the diameter as well to draw in more of that cooler air.


Theres really nothing much to this install and it can be done in as little as 20 min and require just a Phillips Screwdriver, 10mm socket to remove the clamps on the original Air Intake and a 12mm socket for removal the actual Air Box from the engine compartment.

Step 1

Remove the engine Cover Piece. There are no tools required to remove this piece, just lift it up and pull towards you

Step 2

Remove the Air Flow Sensor using a standard philips screwdriver and removing the 2 screws that hold it in place.

Step 3

Remove the Hose Clap at the Throttle body using a 10mm socket and then Remove the Air Filter cover and you should be able to slide out the original intake system.

Step 4

Now you can use a 12mm socket to remove the 3 bolts that hold the Air Box.

Step 5

Install the Intake Flow Accelerator Horn into the fender hole as pictured below. You will have to fold up the rubber to get it to get it to fit but once in there it’ll seal up real nice. Make sure the notch you see is at the top as the air box has a raised piece that aligns with it (2nd pic below).

Step 6

The rest is just doing the reverse of the original removal steps. You can now Bolt the Air box back and put the hose to the throttle body, clamp it back down, install the Mas Airflow sensor using the same screws and the small hose that also goes into the intake (not sure what its called at the moment).

Final Install Photo

Final Thoughts

The big debate on these things is if it’s worth the extra 400.00 and honestly I will say it depends on how you value money. Now, I can’t really say as I won this on a giveaway so it really cost me nothing. Would I pay 400.00? The answer would be No. However, that’s not to say I don’t notice any difference because honestly I do. It’s just for my driving style I’d rather apply that 400 to more mods related to camping and overlanding. With that said, I don’t notice any power off the line, but when cruising a long and putting down on the gas pedal quickly I do notice it seems to respond a little better as with really putting load on the engine like getting onto onramps etc.. So I do notice some minor improvement. As far as sound goes, it is still fairly quiet like the Original. It does have more throat when you really get on it. I do see this maybe showing an improvement when I tow our Travel Trailer but I have yet to test that out and will update on here when I do.

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