Tacoma 3rd Gen Brake Controller Install

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Since we are going to attempt to tow our 23ft Travel Trailer with our Taco I needed to install a Brake Controller. I ended up going with the Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control.

The Installation for this is pretty straight forward as the new 2020 Tacoma already comes wired in for a Brake Controller. Install instructions are below and very straight forward.

Tools Needed


First thing you want to do is remove the side footwell panel by removing the plastic nut above the foot rest.

Next all of you have to do pop out that side panel revealing the plethora of plugs.

Wire Connection Bank

The Plug you need is behind that thick wire loom on the top Right hand portion of the above picture. You need to reach around and find it. Should pop out like this below

Next step will be to open up the Box and Remove the Wiring Harness you will need.

Tekonsha 3031-P Wiring Harness

Plug the End of the Wiring harness into the plug you just located and route the Wires how you want with zip ties. I ended up mounting my brake controller on the left side next to the HOOD RELEASE. You can see how I bundled the wires here. The White Wire is a ground wire. You can find a location and use a self tapping screw or bolt to a good grounding bolt somewhere under the steering column.


Picture is a little misleading. There’s plenty of room. Also I made it easily accessible in the back so I actually disconnect it when I’m not trailer and leave brake controller in the center console. Gives me more room.

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