Padre Island National Seashore Day Trip

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This past Saturday we decided to load up the Jeep and head over to the Padre Island National Seashore. While we had been to Corpus Christi before, we have never actually gone to the National Seashore. We have to say, we were very impressed. The Beach there is very nicely kept and the people seem to mind their own business. While the weather was not ideal that particular day (Wind gust 20+mph), the kids enjoyed it.


We packed our Jeep and loaded up our new Engel MT45 Fridge/Freezer and left our home of Weslaco,Tx around 11:00AM and drove through Harlingen and then North on Highway 77.

The Drive is pretty boring for the most part except seeing the abundance of Palm Trees and Windmills. These are pretty abundant from Harlingen to Raymondville,Tx.


After a few stops along the way we finally arrived to Padre Island National Seashore around 3pm. The traffic was pretty backed up on the bridge but we eventually made it.

The park is pretty much flat land with grass covered sand dunes until you get to the end of the road in which it because nothing but beach.

We ended up finding a good spot that was semi secluded from the crowds. I don’t like parking where too many cars are since my kids like to run around and play. Unfortunately as mentioned earlier the wind was horrible so I wasn’t able to setup my Rhino Rack Batwing Awning. Lucky for us the sun was far enough behind us the jeep provided shade.

Kids having fun

One thing I love about overlanding is getting the kids out and just enjoying nature and the outdoors. They sometimes can get lost in their electronics and ipads they forget how fun it is to be outsides.

Sibling Love
Mother and Daughter

Yes, even I had a little fun. Brought the metal detector out but the wind was so bad I couldn’t even hear my audio.

Driving back home 🙁

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