On-board Air Install

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This was a mod I had planned doing when I had my Jeep Wrangler but the engine bay was so cramped I never got around to fabricating a bracket to make it work. Flash forward a few months and the purchase of my 2020 Tacoma I was able to utilize a lot of empty space in the Tacoma and make a very simple bracket. I lay out the process I ended up going with below.


I decided not to purchase the ARB Tire Inflation Kit for the Air Compressor because it was too expensive and I needed the Quick Connect fittings for other things so the kit on amazon came with the extras I needed.

Mounting Location

In my Tacoma there is a nice big space next to the air intake. It’s a perfect spot for mounting an air compressor and already has threaded bolts. The only thing you really have to fab up is that because the solo bolt closest to firewall is sort of at a decline you have to make a tab to go down to it. You’ll see what I mean in the next section.

Bracket Fabrication

To make the bracket I really didn’t need to do much fabrication. I had a pretty sturdy piece of flat metal laying around the garage I used as the base. I just had to trim it to size. I ended up cutting it 6”x8” which was still pretty big. I could have made it narrower.

The next process was measuring the hole locations for the 2 side by side bolts in the engine bay and drilling them to size. Then I laid out the mounting bracket for the Air Compressor.

Here in this next pic you can see the only tab I had to weld to reach down to that single bolt.

The next step was bolt everything in place and mount the compressor. You can barely see on the bottom of the picture where I mounted the Relay. I mounted it on that little speaker or horn that’s there. It fit perfect there.

For the NPT Fittings I used teflon tape and some pipe thread sealant. You only do do this hand tight. Over tightening can actually cause it to look more.

Wiring Harness

ARB bundles this compressor pretty nicely with everything you need. Since I’m using this strictly for compressor use I didn’t need to worry about relays for air lockers and the extra switch connections. Basically everything is pretty plug n play. I ran the switch wires through the drivers side firewall and mounted the switch to the empty spot by the Traction control switch.

I did have to grind with a Dremmel tool the opening a bit to it the switch.

For the compressor to work they do ask you plug the orange/red wire to a fuse tap with ignition power. For that I used these and plugged into the P.Outlet slot in the fuse panel under the dash but OBD2 Port:

Final Thoughts

Overall the process was pretty easy. The Firewall is pretty hard to get through because you have to kinda cut way the insulation etc. It’s kind of a cardboard flooring. To reduce the vibration I cut some piece of rubber door mat I had laying around and put them in between my mount plate and the bolts it bolted to.

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