Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Performance Air Intake System

Introduction First and foremost I want to give a shout out to Rob and his youtube channel Robmotive for offering this CAI in a giveaway. I had the pleasure of being the lucky winner for this giveaway. If you have a chance please follow his youtube channel as well as my youtube channel OverlandZ. Product […]

UpTop Overland Bed & Roof Rack Install and Pictures

One of the first mods I knew I needed to do on the Tacoma when I first purchased it was get a good Bed and Roof Rack. I searched long and hard on the world wide web for different makes and models and while everyone seemed to go with Prinsu, Cali or Victory4x4 I went […]

On-board Air Install

This was a mod I had planned doing when I had my Jeep Wrangler but the engine bay was so cramped I never got around to fabricating a bracket to make it work. Flash forward a few months and the purchase of my 2020 Tacoma I was able to utilize a lot of empty space […]